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Kolkata based Entrepreneur uplifts lives of several families in West Bengal during COVID19

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  Kolkata based Entrepreneur and Social Activist Manit Singh along with NGOs Child In Need Institute (CINI) and ASSET are uplifting the lives of several families in Kolkata and other parts of West Bengal during COVID19. Manit along with CINI and ASSET have been working tirelessly and providing relief materials including ration and sanitization kits to several families in Kolkata and in the remote areas of the state.

Responding to its call of duty, the Team is effectively providing relief to vulnerable communities across the state. Stepping up their efforts in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic since the first lockdown was announced, and reaching out to more than 2000 families with relief initiatives across the state in the last few months, these organizations remain committed to the most disadvantaged populations across the state and aim to support more families in coming days.

To date, over 8,000 ration and food packets, and over 85,000 face masks to vulnerable people, including low-income families and daily-wage workers have been distributed. Over 400 families have been supported with medicine and other essentials. Over 2000 kids have been given reading materials. Several initiatives like these are being carried out in interior locations of the state currently. They are also distributing Masks and Hand Sanitizers among Police, Healthcare Staffs, Media, Sweepers and Other Corona Warriors as a respect for their fight against the pandemic.

The organizations are taking several initiatives for the healthcare of mother and child during this pandemic. The initiative focuses on the importance of mother and child healthcare during COVID 19 and educates individuals about the importance of quality, equity and dignity in their healthcare. The initiative also highlighted Dos & DONTs for Pregnant Women during COVID19 in the remote areas. Regular online and offline sessions are being organized with the people and volunteers to create awareness about the importance of hygiene, cleanliness and hand-wash. Awareness sessions are being organized about the importance of using masks and washing hands regularly.

Manit Singh, Entrepreneur and Social Activist said, “As COVID-19 continues its rapid spread around the world, we believe that social responsibility should not be limited to just words. Organizations and people like us should come forward to support the needy in every possible way. Not just distributing, we should also take initiatives to create awareness about the importance of using masks and washing hands.”

Manit Singh, said, “We also realize that there are children and pregnant women, especially those from the marginalized sections, who are facing an unprecedented dilemma in receiving appropriate and quality medical care. Many organizations and groups are working together to ensure that they continue receiving optimal services during this crisis. I thank Mr. Sujoy Roy and CINI for releasing guidelines and public health messages that specifically address pregnant women and children in times of COVID-19. We also thank and honour Police, Healthcare Staffs, Media, Sweepers and every Corona Fighter during this tough time.”

Sujoy Roy, State Head, CINI, said, “Due to the lock down situation caused by COVID-19 Pandemic families are going through financial hardship and children of the families are suffering from extreme malnutrition. Feeding nutritious food to the children became challenging for parents because of the unemployment and loss of work. In response to the situation, CINI’s one of the initiatives is to restore the nutritional value of these children. CINI is assisting mothers with seeds and cultivating methods. Mothers will fulfill the need for nutritious food by feeding home grown vegetables to their children, not depending on the male members but themselves. Those who are able to cultivate more land, can sell some vegetables, after fulfilling need of their children, and utilise the money for buying other nutritious food. It can also increase the financial stability of the family. The villagers have applauded the mothers' initiative.”

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