State President elected for WICCI West Bengal Hotels & Restaurants Council - Songoti

State President elected for WICCI West Bengal Hotels & Restaurants Council

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Kolkata :  Women's Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WICCI) recently announced Ms Prity Poddar as the President of it's West Bengal Hotels & Restaurants Council. The formation of this Council will strengthen the voice of the hospitality sector in these trying times. The Council will be a driving force for business development and economic growth. The Council members are an engaged group of leaders in hospitality sector who come with years of experience. As a collective force they will advocate fair practices, profitable business policies, friendly environment and will help in improving the business footprints.

Talking about the formation of the Council Ms Prity Poddar said, "Our mission is to empower women entrepreneurs, professionals and aspirants of hotels, restaurants and food industry by upgrading their skill set and providing them opportunities for business, networking, government liasioning and promotions. I am thankful to Ms Harbeen Arora, Founder President, WICCI and Ms Manjula Jain, Regional President Eastern Region, WICCI for inspiring me and providing me with such a great opportunity."


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