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Jt Director, Union Ministry of MSME appreciates CSIR-CMERI Effort for Supplying OEU for Home Isolation Patients

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In the midst of steady Covid surge in the country with the severe crisis of medical grade oxygen for the COVID-19 patients, CSIR-CMERI, Durgapur has come forward to lend its support to all the suffering States, including Gujarat with its Oxygen Enrichment Unit (OEU). On Thursday evening, in a webinar organised by MSME DI, Ahmedabad on this OEU developed by CSIR-CMERI Prof. Harish Hirani, Director, CSIR-CMERI stated, as oxygen is playing the role of a Life-Saver for the COVID patients, the CSIR-CMERI developed OEU to play a very crucial role in saving the patients in want of oxygen. He added that the oil-free Compressors are better in terms of performance for medical usage and in this regard even Zeolite plays a vital role. According to Prof. (Dr) Hirani, the CSIR-CMERI evolved OEU, focuses upon severe and critical COVID cases. The usage of oxygen cylinders as evident in few cases sometimes becomes risky due to its leakage. Besides, the transportation logistics expenditure accounts for a major component of the cost.

While interacting with the MSME representatives prof. (Dr) Hirani requested the Commissioner, MSME, Gujarat Shri Ranjeeth Kumar S. to explore the possibilities of Import Duty waiver for Individual Components of the Oxygen Enrichment Unit such as Compressor, Zeolite etc. Shri Kumar requested the MSME officials to make a complete list of the resources as well as the details of the interested entrepreneurs and share amongst them for initiation and ramping up of mass production at the earliest.

The CSIR-CMERI Director, as the chief speaker in the webinar, shared that the CSIR-CMERI developed OEU Prototype costs around Rs. 35,000/, however when productions are Scaled-Up, the cost for the same might be brought down considerably. CSIR-CMERI commits to provide all sorts of assistance to the MSME partners in terms of Technical Training and Raw Materials sourcing.

The other speakers included Shri Vikas Gupta, Jt. Director & HOO, MSME Government of India, Ahmedabad and Shri P. N. Solanki, IEDS, Dy. Director, MSME -DI Ahmedabad.

It is to be mentioned that the OEU developed by CSIR-CMERI, Durgapur has the power to facilitate setting up of Mini-ICUs in Smaller Clinics, Dispensaries and Isolation Centres. The OEU can also be used along with the CSIR-NAL developed Bi-PAP system. Essentially the OEU has two parts namely i) Fixed Compressor Unit and ii) Portable Enrichment Unit.  If innovatively used by the MSMEs, a Single Air Compressor strategically placed outside the room can help serve 4-6 patients at one go. The technology can also be customised as per the requirements of the situation. This would help shape-up the technology as per local requirements and help boost the local manufacturing scenario. The raw Materials that would be required for the OEU are:

i)             Oil-Free Reciprocating Compressor (Continuous Duty)

ii)            Oxygen Grade Zeolite Sieves

iii)           Pneumatic Components

Shri Gupta, Jt. Director & HOO, MSME, Govt. of India appreciating the technology thanked CSIR-CMERI for developing OEU to fight the pandemic and stated that it would be very useful for patients at home isolation and small hospitals and there is tremendous for MSMEs for manufacturing the unit.

Shri P. N. Solanki, IEDS, Dy. Director, MSME DI Ahmedabad, said, though such Oxygen Concentrators were available since long, most of the technologies were imported. CSIR-CMERI by developing the new device has provided enormous opportunities for the entrepreneurs of Gujarat as the major components are manufactured in this region. He also expected that with the mass production of OEUs India would be successful in becoming an importer country of the Oxygen Concentrators to the exporter country.

It was recognized that the move taken by CSIR-CMERI will produce up to 1000 OEU per day to help thousands of MSMEs to produce more than thousand OEUs per day, which will usher in eliminating the existing crisis.

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