Monolith Installation at Forest Park in Ahmedabad by Symphony Ltd was an initiative to promote nature and sustainability in India - Songoti | English

Monolith Installation at Forest Park in Ahmedabad by Symphony Ltd was an initiative to promote nature and sustainability in India

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 Taking inspiration from the growing popularity of the Monolith sculpture, Symphony Ltd., world’s largest air cooler company collaborated with an artist to create a monolith installation at the Symphony Forest Park in Ahmedabad. The steel sculpture was installed last week to promote conservation of nature and wildlife sanctuaries in India, including, Gir National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary – Gujarat. The triangular prism-shaped structure, around seven feet tall, has the latitudes and longitudes of various national parks tactfully inscribed on it.

Over the weekend, people flocked at the Symphony Forest park to witness the monolith. This evoked conversations about nature conservation and sustainability, which is the essence of the sculpture. The citizens enjoyed the mystery of unlocking new ideas and thoughts in conjunction with humanity and nature. It showcases how brands are leveraging trends and contemporary art to generate positive conversations around themes like environmentalism and sustainability. Monoliths structures started with the discovery of the Utah monolith on 18th November 2020. On Nov. 26th, it was discovered in Romania, then Southern California. On 20th December 2020 a similar structure was spotted in England. Now they have been reported to be spotted in the Netherlands and Columbia. Overnight the monolith became a sensation and generated worldwide conversations. These sculptures have taken the internet by storm, with numerous theories about their origins and meanings.

While some say that these are works of art with a similar movement arising in the 1960s, others have also said that these are a from a variety of different artists and sci-fi lovers across the world. Symphony Ltd. had recently opened access of ‘Symphony Forest Park’ to the citizens to rejuvenate with nature. The forest park is well equipped with seating, children playing area, amphitheater, temple, and a parking lot. One can enjoy walking through the grassland, dense plantation under the restful shade of  tall trees. The company had adopted an urban landscape project with an aim to revamp an abandoned patch of land ranging 11,000 square meters, which was rejuvenated to develop a Forest Park. The Park contains more than 250 plant species, 30,000 tree saplings, numerous species of exotic birds, and a resuscitated lake with aquatic species. As a global corporate, Symphony is committed to deliver sustainable innovative product & services. Their philosophy is to integrate ethical, environmental  social principals by elevating lives of people, their experiences and positively impact the world.

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