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NIVEA MEN unveils its new 42k range for the ultimate endurance

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 No one is a stranger to breaking a sweat, particularly when they’re running to build up the ultimate endurance for marathons or even when doing other workouts. While sweating is your body’s natural way of regulating temperature, it is the body odour that accompanies it which can be embarrassing and make a person lose confidence especially when interacting with fellow runners or friends. To keep that body odour in check, NIVEA MEN has introduced a range that has the ultimate ‘endurance’ to protect one against body odour and keep them feeling fresh – the new NIVEA MEN “42k Range” with Silver-Ions Technology that fights 99.9% odour- causing bacteria.


The NIVEA MEN 42k range is available on leading online portals & also in supermarkets or a general store near you. The price is Rs. 250 each for NIVEA MEN 42k Shower Gel (250ml); NIVEA MEN 42k Deodorant (150ml) and NIVEA MEN 42k Deodorant Roll-On (50ml).


Marathons are the ultimate endurance sport, requiring both mental and physical stamina, fortitude, and strength. While sweating profusely during running or even workouts isn’t uncommon, it’s generally odour-less. The bacteria that are present on the sweaty skin reacts with sweat and cause body odour, making a person feel self-conscious. The 42k range is made with Silver-Ions Technology that deactivates the functioning of this bacteria, and stops them from multiplying thereby, fighting 99.9% odour- causing bacteria and ensuring control over body odour. This formula is mild on the skin as well. NIVEA MEN, therefore, encourages people to break a sweat while running instead of shying away from it, since 42k Range can control body odour even in the ultimate test of endurance. Be it a quick run or a marathon, the NIVEA MEN 42k will endure it because it's Here For The Long Run.


The NIVEA MEN 42k range includes the NIVEA MEN 42k Roll-On, the NIVEA MEN 42k Deodorant, and the NIVEA MEN 42k Shower Gel, that's built for a complete running routine. 


Speaking about the new range, Sachin Killawala, Marketing Director, NIVEA India said, “NIVEA MEN strives to provide all-round skincare solutions for its male consumers. Considering that the ultimate test of endurance is running there is an array of personal products available for a runner but not many personal care alternatives. Hence, we have curated an odour control range designed for not only the ultimate runner but also for people who generally like to sweat it out and help them end their run with a fresh scent of victory.”


Having been #RunTested by several marathoners in their preparation for the upcoming marathons which include vigorous workouts and training, Kieren Dsouzaone of the foremost marathon runners in the country further added“It’s great to see a skin-care range created especially for us marathoners which controls body odour that our sweat creates. Having #RunTested it myself, the silver ions technology stands true to its commitment of ridding body odour, keeping me fresh and energetic throughout my running and training sessions. It has now become part of my essentials and it's definitely here for the long run.”


Communication partner in launching this 42k range, Gaurav Kashalkar, Senior Creative Director at Digitas, said "For athletes, sweat has always been a badge of honour. But this badge also brings with it the problem of Body Odour. NIVEA Men’s 42K range brings to athletes, products that are as tough as them and can control body odour during the harshest of workouts. ‘Here For The Long Run’ is our effort to encourage people to continue pushing the limits of their bodies without having to worry about body odour associated with sweat. And with #RunTested, we got actual athletes and runners to test our range and map it to their milestones - the ultimate real-world demonstration. So, the next time someone wants to step it up, they can put their best foot forward with an odour-control partner that's #HereForTheLongRun.”

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