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 A non-fiction book, ‘5 QUESTIONS OF THE INQUISITIVE APES’, written by Author Subhrashis Adhikari launched. The questions in the book had been asked and answered many times in the last thousands of years by our ancestors. The book was written with the intention to make people ask more questions, and give them a new perspective to the old questions. The book was published from Shrishti Publishers. Humans ascended to the top of the food chain through their uncanny ability to weave stories. Some stories are hardwired in our brains, while some we create over time. It is such stories that have steered the history of the world. While technologies are bringing disruptive changes and global warming is threatening our existence, it is more imperative than ever before to craft a global story that benefits all. This book discusses five profound questions whose answers will lay the foundation of future stories, and those stories will decide the fate of inquisitive apes.


1. How we came to be? Was it a chance episode, or were things predetermined?

2. How we make sense of the universe around us? Are we hallucinating reality?

3. Is sex bad? Are we naturally monogamous?

4. Who are we? Is there a unique us?

5. How to be happy? Can we hack our brain and control the bio-chemicals?


Apart from scientific research and reading, travelling is also the source of inspiration behind writing the book. The biggest issue human beings are facing, is the sense of ‘us’ versus ‘them’. The feeling that helped human beings to survive and that can also be the ‘selfish genes’. But, it is also the cause of all our troubles, from Crusades to World Wars. Travel is the cure to this genetic disease that plagues our civilization. The more one travels, the more he or she befriend people and gets used to the different cuisines and cultures. That is when the wall between ‘them’ and ‘us’ starts getting blurred. “I would like to thank my readers for all their support and love. They inspire me to write. All I can tell them is to keep reading books. Never stop reading. Reading helps reduce stress. Sitting in a corner of a room a book can open new worlds and new dimensions. Just remember two things: When you are reading a new idea does not discard it too early if it does not fit your preconceived notions... And do not let a book brainwash you. Question what you read. As Mr Einstein would say, ‘Never ever lose a holy curiosity’”, said Mr. Subhrashis Adhikari, the writer of 5 QUESTIONS OF THE INQUISITIVE APES. The book is written in English version. It is also available on Amazon. The prize of ‘5 QUESTIONS OF THE INQUISITIVE APES’ is Rs.195.

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