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Aditya Group of Schools to set up quarantine centre for its students and staff

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Kolkata: Aditya Group of Schools is setting up a 20 bed quarantine centre in its Barasat campus for the students, teaching and non-teaching staff of its schools should they require help once normal schools begin.

Stating this at a webinar conducted by Sports Historian Boria Majumdar, Chairman of Aditya Group of Schools Anirban Aditya said: "We are setting up a 20 bed quarantine centre for the students, teaching and non-teaching staff at our Barasat campus. We will provide free food, health check-ups and personal care to all in the quarantine. We have also tied up with GNRC Hospital Barasat so that if any one in the centre needs to get admitted immediate help can be provided."

He further added that an ambulance will be always available at its campus to attend to any medical emergency.

"Besides this we will strictly follow the SOPs set up by the CBSE board and West Bengal Government Education Ministry to ensure that all safety protocols are in place," Anirban added.

He also said that before physical classes begin all teachers, non-teaching staff and students will have to undergo a covid test so that everyone is satisfied. This will be facilitated by the school authorities.

School fees has also been a subject of controversy these days. Aditya Group of Schools have taken a slew of measures to the satisfaction of the parents.

They are as follows:

1. Completely waived off lab fees

2. 50% in transport fees.

3. Library fees of the school students have been completely waived off for this session.

4. The purchase of copies & educational aids for the new session 2020-2021 has been kept optional.

5. Aditya Group of Schools have started online classes and is doing their best to provide support to its teachers and students.

"Additionally, we agree that the distribution of the books and copies for the new session is of utmost importance to kickstart the learning process in a seamless way. We have taken a few steps to make the process safe, easy and accessible to all parents. We are actively encouraging our Parents and Guardians to adhere to guidelines by WHO," Anirban said.

Mrs Sabita Saha, Pricipal of the School, added: "We follow Max Safety Measures as given below."

These include the following:

1) Once the parents enter the campus, a strict queue is maintained with social distancing.

2) Thorough Thermal Check at the entrance.

3) Sanitation at the school building entrance.

4) To ensure physical and social distancing, we are practicing coupon system. This is also helping us for smooth distribution process

5) Once a parent collects the coupon, they are ushered to a classroom, where the waiting area is prepared, and physical and social distancing is practiced.

"Also, all our staff and teachers are provided protective masks and go through daily temperature checks and sanitation.

Also we have introduced Home delivery of books and copies to parents, who are unable to come to the campus and collect the same. Our teachers have taken it on themselves to council respective students and their parents via Whatsapp groups to keep the personal interaction between them seamless and ongoing," she said.

"The management takes continuous steps in bettering the quality of education by keeping their students motivated at all times. One such example is the Scholarship and Concession Programme that we have since the inception of our Schools. Wherein, we recognise students with Exemplary Academic Performances and honor them with the same," Anirban Aditya signed off. The webinar was attended by 61 students of class XII of Barasat Campus.



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