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Simple ‘workout from home’ hacks

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With lockdown 4.0 underway, the fitness freaks among us must be getting fidgety and reminiscing fondly of the good old days when we could hit the gym for our daily workout. The past couple of months, however, have completely upended our schedule. Cleaning, cooking, washing – we must perform all kinds of household chores even as we go about our work.
But, hey, if we can work from home, why can’t we work out from home? It is likely that many of us will think twice about going to the gym for quite some time even after the lockdown is lifted. That is no reason, however, to not keep fit.
Flipkart experts have delineated some tips and tricks to up your fitness levels. With these simple measures, you can have an intense workout session while looking dapper and feeling comfortable. Step one is choosing the right attire for your workouts. Here are some tips that might come in handy.
  • Go for breathable fabrics such as cotton that wick the sweat away from your skin which will help it evaporate quickly and keep your body cool
  • Wear comfortable clothes with the right fit i.e., neither too tight nor too loose. For activities such as tummy tucks, inclined mountain climbers and single-leg stand ups avoid wide-leg or loose pants that could get tangled up
  • Lastly, wear training shoes that are comfortable as wearing the wrong shoes may not just mean a less effective workout but can lead to a bad injury too
Once a comfortable outfit is chosen, move on to the next step of actually working out.
 Sofa so good
  1. Tummy Tucks
Toning the abs is an essential part any workout regime.
Sit on the edge of the sofa with both hands placed just beside your hips. Maintain a straight spine, bend both knees at 90 degrees and lift your heels off the floor (as shown in the picture). Brace your abs tightly inwards then inhale. You have successfully completed the first step!
Now, hinge back as far as you can without curving your back. Exhale and draw both knees up to hip height, maintaining their 90-degree position (make sure your back is still straight). Lower your legs in a controlled manner and tap your toes back on the floor, holding the hinge position with your upper body.
Repeat this up to 20 times in a row, exhaling each time you lift your legs. You are done with your abs workout!
  1. Inclined Mountain Climbers
 Now that you are all warmed up, it is time for a cardio workout.
Face the sofa and place your hands on the seat. Align the palms with the shoulders while keeping your arms straight and extended. Slowly stretch your feet back into a plank position and brace your abs in tightly.
In a quick and controlled motion, draw your knees alternately towards your chest (as shown in the picture). Make sure you are keeping your shoulders steady the entire time. Do this as fast as you can, for one minute.

Going to BED
  1. Triceps Dip
To strengthen the triceps, sit on the edge of the bed with both palms pressed into the edge just beside your hips. Walk your feet out away from your body and lift your hips off the bed while keeping your back close to it (as shown in the picture).
Lower your hips towards the floor while bending your elbows (don’t let your hips touch the floor, though). Now, reverse the process and press out of the dip by extending your arms and lifting the hips slowly. Repeat this exercise 20 times.

Sit & Sweat
  1. Single-Leg Stand Up
Start by standing close to the chair but facing away from it. Next, draw your right knee up towards your chest and hold onto it with both hands. Then bend your left knee to slowly lower yourself into the chair while still holding your right knee.
Stand back up, holding your knee the whole time. Follow this process 10 times for each leg.
  1. Decline Push-Up
Now that we are done with abs and lower body workouts, it is time to focus on the upper body. Decline push-ups are excellent for building strong upper chest muscles.
Start by resting your toes on the chair seat while placing your hands on the floor. Now extend your body away from the chair so that your knees are straight. Make sure your arms are extended as much as possible, vertically.
Next, bend both your elbows and lower your body towards the ground, while maintaining a straight spine. In a slow and controlled motion, straighten your elbows and bring your body back to its original position.
Repeat this exercise 20 times.
These simple, basic exercises should hold us in good stead till our world and our lives get to near-normal levels. There has never been a better time than now to appreciate the truth in the saying “Health is Wealth.”
Stay safe, stay healthy!

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