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NGO Best Friendz Society Distributes Relief, in Kumirmari Sunderban

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 Kolkata, India - Though the coronavirus induced lockdown has impacted everyone’s lives and brought it to a standstill, there’s a flip side to it as well – cleaner air and water bodies. With the nature thriving and healing while humans are staying indoors to check the spread of the COVID-19, the damage being done to the environment is clear more than ever. One of the most visible damages done to the environment in the last few years is plastic pollution. According to a 2019 study by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), India generates 25,940 tonnes of plastic waste per day.

India has committed to phase out the use of single-use plastic by 2022 but in the time of coronavirus pandemic, the use of plastic products in the form of gloves, face shields, packaging and others has increased. Also, given the impact of coronavirus lockdown on the economy, it looks like there is a new challenge at hand. In between all this, how should India address its plastic waste problem?

We all know that using plastic is causing a lot of harm to our environment. Without being recycled, most single-use plastic bags enter our landfills, taking hundreds of years to decompose. They also enter our water bodies, and animals eat them and often choke and dies.

"It’s not only one person's effort. It’s about community who rises up to save the oceans, beaches, forests, rivers, and lakes. What I saw at my last visit at sunderban was a pile of water bottels and a heap of plastic bags thrown on one side of the Bank .This made me realised i am also no less than one of them who knowing or unknowingly have been also polluting such beautiful places. Then i decided that Yes we want to help people in need but this time we are avoiding plastic bags and have replaced it with Cloth bags instead . In plastic bags its easier and cheaper to deilver or pack any things but we belive It’s about changing the mind set and habits. We cannot have a world where we keep on producing garbage and then say come on, someone pick it up. If you love your motherland you will make the effort to change , and this effort might help the world to change with you . ' We appreciate the support of Chaitali Das of Rakshak Foundation towards this endevour , said Shagufta Hanaphie , Founder Best Friendz Society .

Kumirmari Island is also one such place in Sunderban which has been badly affected . Crops destroyed , Ponds have been fillled with salty water , no water to drink and no shelter to survive . Though few people have been able to provide relief but that is not enough . Best Friendz Society organised an Amphan Relief camp on 27th July to help around 100 plus 
families with clothes , dry groceries and other household needs . The Kumirmari project is jointly organised by Unicorn Recruites , Blogger Koninika , Rakshak Foundation , Launcherz Entertainmentz and Best Friendz Society .

Best Friendz Society will also initiate education and empowerment programs to inculcate the value of education amingst the needy students as well as Focuss on empowerment and employement with Skill development programs for women and men .

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