Tata Mutual Fund launches season 2 of Ishq Bhi Risk Bhi with aawaz.com - Songoti | English

Tata Mutual Fund launches season 2 of Ishq Bhi Risk Bhi with aawaz.com

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Mumbai : Tata Mutual Fund is riding the audio wave as it enters the market with Ishq Bhi Risk Bhi season 2, on aawaz.com. It is India's 1st Audio‐Drama in the Mutual Fund Investor Education space. This fictional Hindi series aims to help audiences in B30 cities and beyond to participate in capital markets for their wealth creation goals through investing decisively in mutual funds and SIPs. The brand also launched 'Mind over Markets' an conversational podcast in English on aawaz.com/en for helping investors with needle moving insights on capital markets. The weekly series insights is a capsule created by the way of conversation between Tata Mutual Fund's CIO, Rahul Singh and MVS Murthy, Head of marketing, digital and communications. "Season 1 of Ishq bhi Risq bhi underlined our belief in the 2nd of the Vs – Video, Voice and Vernacular. We are active in leveraging the other two as well. This is an innovative audio drama that weaves the story of different types of Mutual Funds and offers solutions to investors. We have had incredible results for us in terms of reach, audience engagement, and measurable digital attributes. it was a natural selection for us to continue this effort to strengthen our focus in HSM regions" says MVS Murthy of Tata Mutual Fund.

To Listen to the Hindi Series of Ishq Bhi Risk Bhi 2 click here >>>
For Information on Podcast 'Mind Over Markets' ‐ new weekly episode>>>

aawaz.com is the largest spoken‐word audio and podcast network in Indian languages, currently available in Hindi and English. It counts over 4.5 million streams a month across web and app. aawaz is an industry leader in audio and podcasts with the largest repertoire of original audio content. The solution provided to Tata Mutual fund stems from the insight that B30 cities are contributing to the growth of mutual funds over the years, and brands can participate in the growth by educating more audiences in those regions, to pursue their wealth creation goals.
"The innovation quotient of audio is the ability to hold audience attention for a ten part, slice of
life story, which albeit being fiction, weaves in the benefits of investing in MF and SIPs. In a way,
we are growing the whole MF category to make the pie bigger." says Sreeraman Thiagarajan,
cofounder of aawaz.com
Season 1 of Ishq Bhi Risk Bhi, launched in October 2019 on aawaz.com was in the top of charts
during the launch week and clocked in 100,000+ streams and 15 million+ impressions with the
listeners consuming 1600+ hours of audio content during the campaign period.

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